BioAro Inc. to Donate Genomic Testing Free of Charge to 100 Prostate Cancer Centre Patients


BioAro Inc. to Donate Genomic Testing Free

Calgary, AB (May 16, 2023) BioAro Inc. and the Prostate Cancer Centre (PCC) are excited to announce a new partnership. Together they will change the way metastatic prostate cancer patients are treated – improving the patients’ quality of life as they navigate their treatment options. BioAro will be providing complimentary genomic testing services for up to 100 eligible patients, referred through Urologists of the Southern Alberta Institute of Urology (SAIU).

This is the first time ever that genomic testing, analysis and support for companion diagnostics of this magnitude has been offered at no cost to AB cancer patients from a local company.

Genomic testing will assist physicians in predicting the behaviour or aggressiveness of an individual’s cancer and how they may respond to different treatments. It can also assist with selection of targeted treatment options that may result in improved response rates and lower side-effects.

“One in six men in Alberta will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime. This gift will positively impact many of our patients and their families now, and into the future,” says Jeff Davison, CEO of the PCC. “Genetic testing will help us advance our search for answers to this disease that affects so many men and their families in our province.”

The PCC is a charitable organization that provides personalized care, research and education to men and their families fighting prostate cancer. The PCC provides continuous support and wrap around care to those impacted by prostate cancer through personalized care, consultation, diagnosis, information on treatment options and access to research – and now genetic testing can be included in that care.

BioAro Inc, a Calgary-based precision health biotechnology company, is providing equitable Genomic testing & analysis services with detailed genomic analysis that will help identify genetic biomarkers that can be used for developing companion diagnostics. BioAro has multiple laboratories and sample collection centers across Canada, including a local facility in Calgary, which helps reduce turnaround time for testing. Samples are tested locally and data is analyzed and stored within Canada, helping maintain privacy of Canadian patients.

“We are on a mission to build a community of individuals, healthcare providers and researchers to transform the healthcare landscape, drive transformative genetic discovery of biomarkers for precise and personalized management of our patients,” says Dr. Anmol Kapoor, CEO of BioAro Inc. “This donation will help so many individuals (and their families), to hopefully find answers to their health problems. It would likely help improve the outcomes of targeted anti-cancer therapy and make GenOMIC testing more equitable and easier to access”.