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A new era of Integrated Health and Longevity

BioAro is a leading BioTechnology company specializing in Precision Health, HealthSpan, and Longevity. It offers PanOmic (Genomics, Epigenetics, Proteomics, MicroBiomics, Metabolomics, Cancer Screening, Pharmacogenomics, etc) lab testing services, Advanced AI-Powered Software for Real Time PanOmics analysis, AI-Powered Electronic Health Record System (BioEMR) for Digital Health Services, Mobile Applications, Medical Devices, Data Analytics, Data Management, and Data Security services using Blockchain technologies. It provides consultation services for health organizations and empower them to bring precision health services in their organizations. It also offers research and development services to help discover new molecules, drugs, treatments or validate products for launch globally.

And, attached our Exclusive Plan for Organizations that want to enter HealthSpan and Longevity market.


To revolutionize personalized healthcare through BioAro's cutting-edge technologies including the BioPhenome Lab, BioHealth Softwares, Biospan clinics and BioTech devices.


To extend human healthspan, integrating innovative approaches for a healthier tomorrow.

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Our Journey

At BioAro, we believe you should be the CEO of your own health - and all the information you need is in your genes. By offering genetic and microbiome testing, BioAro is helping provide insights into a person's health, that were previously out of reach. It is a supercharged personalized healthcare experience, supported by evidence-based guidelines. BioAro is committed to focusing on quality and health equity by democratizing its access. BioAro is helping people understand their genetic data in an affordable manner, giving them the power to make decisions about their personal health. BioAro helps people understand their inherited and acquired health risks, such as potential diseases, health conditions, pharmacogenomic profiling, and nutrition parameters. Ultimately, BioAro enables people to make proactive decisions about their individual health and lifestyle, based on their genetic information.

BioAro values client confidentiality and uses blockchain technology to secure data. BioAro has the capability of receiving samples from anywhere in the world, helping breakdown international barriers.


Becoming the best genetic testing provider in Calgary


  • Advanced Cardiology

    Advanced Cardiology​

    Started in 2011, Advanced Cardiology provides cardiovascular imaging investigations and consultations across Alberta​

  • CardiAI™


    was founded in 2017 as a medical device Research and development organization. Developing platform-based medical diagnostics devices and software that transform healthcare worldwide. These health care technologies provide a sense of assured future and stability impact by improving patient care around the world.​​​

  • During COVID-19

    During COVID-19​​

    outbreaks in 2020, CardiAI pivoted into the laboratory business by opening labs across Canada (BC, Alberta, Manitoba, NWT and Ontario). CardiAI created their own lab developed test by combining PCR and Lamp technology, introducing one of the fastest Covid-19 results in the world.​​ ​

  • BioAro​


    BioAro took over CardiAI’s Lab Business and started to expand into Genomics and sequencing business​​

    Expanding capabilities in sequencing, AI based analysis and discoveries​​​


BioAro is dedicated to using advanced technology and innovative approaches to help individuals, families, and organizations gain insight into their genetic makeup, and make informed decisions about their health and wellbeing. BioAro is committed to discovering new treatment pathways, pharmaceuticals, and interventions to help in the application of genomics to the fields of agriculture, animals and the food industry. BioAro believes in the power of collaborations with individuals, businesses and corporations. If you are interested to learn more, please contact us.


BioAro offers a range of genetic testing and analysis services, including:

Ancestry Testing

Discover your ethnic and geographical origins through the analysis of your DNA.

Health Risk Assessment

Learn if you are at risk of a genetic condition that run in your family before you have symptoms. Reduce your chance for disease and optimize your health.

Personalized Medicine

Personalized medicine services to help individuals and healthcare providers make informed decisions about treatment options based on individual genetic makeup.


Identify which medications can help to improve effectiveness and minimize side effects.

Genetic Counselling

Understand genetic and microbiome test results to make informed decisions about health.

Research Services

Genetic analysis services to researchers, academic institutions, and pharmaceutical companies to support scientific research and drug development.

Why BioAro

Founder Message

The Future of Health Care

At the heart of our mission lies the belief that genomics is the key to unlocking a new era of Precision Health, extending health span, and enhancing longevity. It’s not just about treating diseases; it’s about understanding the unique genetic blueprints of each individual to provide truly personalized and effective care.

Dr. Anmol Kapoor

Founder, CEO